• Spin Entertainment Group

    Music for everyone.

  • Our Mission

    Spin Entertainment Group is Alaska's unique sound trio.
    We go beyond convenentional DJ'ing, painting each room we enter with sound.

    When we are in the mix, you can rest assure our group is thoughtfully selecting songs everyone can enjoy, and are working hard to perfect the quality of sound every beat of the way.

    Whatever the event, we are paying attention and we. got. you.


    Booking Process



    Complete the survey form.


    A member of our team will contact you to schedule your first spin "sound check."


    During sound check:

    You and our Spin coordinator will complete the steps to officially book with us (contract, booking fee, and choosing your DJ) + onboarding documents (templates: music selections form/event details)


    Once booked, you'll have one last spin check-in prior to your event for finalizing event details, final payment, and last minute changes.

    *3-4 weeks before your event. We will connect with you to get this scheduled.

  • So many options...but we've made it simple.

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