DJ's 5 Favorite First Dance Songs for Summer 2015

Jen Theulen | dj |
By popular demand, I have generated a list of my favorite first dance songs. As we approach the beautiful Alaskan summer, I suspect many couples may be googling "first dance songs" around this time.
Well, you can stop here. I made sure to include several genres to appease the very diverse population here in Alaska. My hope is that this helps minimize the pre-wedding anxiety we often experience as we finalize the details for our big day. So, sit back, relax, turn your speakers up, and more importantly, breathe.  
1. Sideways | Citizens Cope
I heard this song performed live by a local husband-wife piano+singer duo and absolutely fell-in-love with it (Blaze&Eric).If I could get remarried, we would dance to this beautiful song, sang by that duo.  
2. Life Support | Sam Smith
You thought I was going to say, Sam Smith "Stay with Me" didn't you?
No, no, no... this one is not on the radio, it's slow, it's beautiful, and in my opinion, the beginning of the song eases the couple into the climax of the song making it perfect for a first dance.
3. Here & Now | Luther Vandross
Lutherrrrr.. you can't go wrong with a little Vandross to start the night off right. 
This song would make for a perfect invitation for other (elder) guests that are familiar with Luther to join in with you and your honey near the midpoint of the song. Great technique to getting more people on the dance floor right before the transition into the reception. 
4. Thinking Out Loud | Ed Sheeran
This song is a newer one and one of my absolute favorite, popular, love songs today.
The words, the tempo, everything about this song says "first dance, summer 2015."
5. Livin' Our Love Song | Jason Michael Carroll
I may not be a HUGE fan of country, but a country-loving couple introduced this one to me and it is my suggestion for other country loving couples. 
Photo Credits| Mitch & Shalem | The Studio | 907.868.2639