• Finding the right DJ is difficult. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some of the common questions we receive.

    Will I get to meet my DJ before my event?

    Yes! We like to get to know you well before your event. No two events are the same. After filling out our contact form, our Spin team member will contact you to schedule your first meeting.


    How come there aren’t hourly packages?

    Most DJs who work from hourly models stick to the clock and that is not our style. We are there to provide an experience— beyond an hourly service. It’s difficult to clock all of the hours spent designing client crates, coordinating with site owners, travel, etc.Our team has a very disciplined approach to how we show up to events. We are normally one of the first vendors to arrive and the last ones to leave. When you hire a Spin professional, you are hiring us for the entire event, from planning to execution.


    How many set-ups will I need if I have my wedding reception and ceremony at the same place, but in two separate locations on site?

    Two. These events require that our team establish a music and microphone station at your ceremony site along with a full “dancehall” style sound experience at your dinner/reception site. In order to avoid having our staff tear down and set up two stages during your event, please let us know ahead of time so that we staff your event properly and bring enough gear to make for a seamless transition for you and your guests.


    What if I’m getting married somewhere outside of the city? Does the DJ need electrical hook-ups? 

    Yes! We are Alaskan DJs and can DJ remote weddings, but we do not run on batteries. We require an A/C outlet to provide enough power for our subwoofers, control mixers and speakers. If your event is at a cabin that is running on gasoline, please let us know ahead of time.


    Can I make requests for certain songs?

    Of course, in fact we encourage it! When we first meet with you we will discuss any specific songs you would like played at your event. For a wedding these will include (but not limited to) First Dance, Grand Entrance, Mother/Son & Father/Daughter Dance, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, etc. Once we have these songs, we ask for any other special requests throughout the evening such as cocktail hour, dinner & dancing.


    Can we see some of your work at previous weddings?

    Yes! Take a look at our Instagram highlights @SpinEntertainment

    Each of our team members has a highlight section where you can watch us in action but also get to know us on a more personal level with behind-the-scenes content.