At Spin Entertainment Group, we've had the privilege of celebrating countless weddings and events. These experiences have fueled our passion for crafting unforgettable moments.

    We absolutely love what we do. It’s not often that a job is also a calling. And our calling is to be the best DJs possible for your event. Period.
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    Jen Theulen (she/they)

    DJ/ Organizer/ Social Worker/ Owner/ etc.

    Jen Rose has been making R&B mixtapes from her tiny bedroom in San Diego since the 6th grade– always in her feels, haha. She took an interest in DJ’ing when a special mentor in the Air Force opened her eyes to the culture of turntablism. From there, she took her first wedding and noticed an opportunity to improve sound and entertainment in Alaska. Jen finds playing music for others provides relief from the seriousness of her profession, working alongside people in crisis. In Jen’s opinion, the right song at the right time can brilliantly bring people together and even offers up a break from taking ourselves so seriously.


    Jen admires a variety of work ranging from reggaeton to dancehall and alternative rock all the way to the sounds of Chris Stapleton. I mean, it depends.

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    Chris Covy (he/him)

    Resident DJ/ Emcee/ Boss Man/ etc.

    It’s safe to say Chris, "DJ Covy” has the ability to play just about any instrument he picks up. DJ’ing at Anchorage’s popular venues such as the Williwaw, Mad Myrnas, and The Avenue Bar while also regularly featured on iHeartRadio. Recently he has been performing out of state in Miami, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Alabama. Not to mention, he has opened for various artists including The Ying Yang Twins, A-Trak, Shwayze, Bubba Sparks, and more. He has also played for Alaska Sundown Festival 2 years in a row.


    Covy has an affinity for wowing the crowd with his ability to work a familiar 90s Hip Hop song into Top 40 and Classic Rock Tunes. You’ll know what we mean, when you experience it on the dancefloor. Anchorage’s 2019 & 2020 DJ of the Year, Christopher Covington.


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    DJ GRE (he/him)

    Resident DJ/ Creative/ Dancefloor Mover/ etc.

    GRE is an accomplished DJ and Producer based in Anchorage, Alaska, with over a decade of experience in the local scene. He has held residencies at top clubs and bars across Alaska, as well as venues in the US, Philippines, and Bali. GRE has shared stages with renowned acts like Diplo, A-Trak, Dillon Francis, and more. With a passion for open format DJing, he skillfully blends hip hop, R&B, emo, pop, house, and more to create dynamic sets that resonate with audiences. GRE's captivating performances showcase his artistry and solidify his status as a true musical maestro.

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    Max Friedli (he/him)

    DJ/Coordinator/ Youth Entertainment Guru/ Trend Setter/ etc. etc.

    Max, “DJ Remax” started dj’ing at 12 (yeah, that's right, 12!) when a family friend connected him with Jen after they deployed together. Now, after 10 years in the industry, this relationship has supported his journey from performing at local high school proms & weddings to mainstream media where Max has generated a TikTok following of over 250k with his catchy and melodic mash-ups. Recently, he has ventured into the Anchorage club scene and plays downtown at Mad Myrna's and Williwaw. He has been one of the opening acts for Valentino Khan, Sickick, and Sunday Scaries!


    Max admires the work of the late Avicii and enjoys house/dance music the most because of the feeling of togetherness it tends to bring with the tempo, nature and rhythm. He also specializes in Top 40 and 2010's music.