DJ's Top LGBT-Friendly Wedding Vendors in Alaska

Jen Theulen
Anchorage, Alaska
Love is Love Project |
Below are my personal, favorite lgbt-friendly wedding Cake, Photographer, and DJ here in Anchorage, Alaska.
In my opinion, these are the three most important details to a successful wedding experience. 
If you're ever having trouble finding me at a wedding fair, find Anita's Midnight Sun Cakery expo booth. I can be found begging for scraps there.
On that note, let's start with my favorite wedding cakery.
Midnight Sun Cakery 907.229.0437
If there is a heaven, Anita would be there, with her buttercream cakes. 
She is friendly, spunky, sweet, and she makes the most aesthetically decorated cakes I have ever eaten-- might I add that she uses very few artificial flavors. Oh and she has great hair. But she already knows that. 
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"Gay or straight, everyone deserves a wedding cake."
-Anita, Owner of Midnight Sun Cakery
Mitch & Shalem at The Studio 907.868.2639
If you haven't  heard of Mitch and Shalem, you will. These two are masters of their craft. Much of their work can be found at
Be sure to book them well in advance as there are only two of them.
We haven't been able to clone them yet.
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If I could choose anyone to DJ my wedding I would choose DJ Spencer Lee.
He has the credibility, professionalism, and he uses digitally mapped vinyl records.
It does'nt get cooler than that.
Oh wait, it does...
He opened for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Hello!
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"Love doesn't discriminate, why would I?"
- DJ Spencer Lee
*Disclaimer: These vendors are not solely being shared for LGBT couples, they are for everyone. They just so happen to be friendly toward same-sex couples, which, unfortunately not every vendor is friendly.